If you’re heading to New York soon and you’re trying to decide what to do while you’re there, chances are you probably already have a great number of things already lined up and a list of restaurants to try, famous sites to see and tour to do. One thing you may not have thought about in advance though is what Broadway show to attend – that is, if you’re only intending on seeing one. If you are up for checking out Broadway shows, you don’t want to miss the fantastic production of ‘Mean Girls’, based off the hit film. Here’s why you should make this a must see for your Broadway List.

A Fun Take On A Popular Film

Mean Girls was one of the more popular films of the early naughties and was one of Lindsay Lohan’s top roles. The film and Broadway musical both follow teenager Cady who returns from Africa to the United States with her parents to attend public school. An instant hit with a group known as ‘The Plastics’, a top level clique in the school, Cady soon finds out that being in with the popular girls isn’t always what it’s made up to be.

Entertainment All The Way

Mean Girls is one of the most entertaining Broadway shows with a lot of action, adventure and coming-of-age storytelling and experiences being had by the characters. Watching Cady go from a small town, nerdy girl to a Queen Bee in the popular circle is a rollercoaster ride that will have you on the edge of your seat wondering what happens next as she navigates both love and friendship, and risking both to get friends and get revenge on her enemies.

A Lesson Learned

The show is a riveting look at the inside workings of the teenage female mind as well as the social hierarchy that exists in many schools worldwide. While some of the things that Cady and her friends do have extremely real consequences for people, the lessons learned are lessons for life as they fight to figure out rights from wrongs and what they should do in order to fix the issues that come to light as a result of their sometimes selfish actions.
If you’re interested in seeing Mean Girls on Broadway, you can get tickets online before you go, helping you save both time and money at the door so you can rest easy and relax on your trip to New York, knowing you’ve already sorted your tickets out to a stellar show.

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