Yoga is one of those activities that’s not only good for the body, but it’s great for the mind, spirit and overall health as well! It can really develop a strong and flexible body, as well as help you to cultivate presence and mindfulness in your daily life. Plenty of people start yoga and then swear by it as their favorite form of exercise! If you’re thinking about starting yoga but aren’t quite sure what to wear, this guide can help you find great apparel to feel confident and comfortable in your first class.

Yoga tops

The best yoga tops are fitted and made of breathable material that will allow your skin to breathe easily during the moves. Especially if you are in a Vinyasa class, you will find yourself sweating as you move so the last thing you want is to be distracted by sweaty clothing sticking to your body. Fitted tops will move with you and feel just like part of your skin. Look for something with Spandex or Lycra, and a top that doesn’t have any annoying buttons or zippers that will poke you when you’re lying down. Tank tops are the most ideal because they will allow your arms to move more freely than a T-shirt. Another reason to wear a tight or fitted top is that it won’t leave you uncomfortably exposed during certain positions. Check out Sweaty Betty for some great yoga tops you’ll love!

Yoga pants

Like the tops, you want your yoga pants to be light and fitted. Some people like to wear full-length pants, and others opt for three-quarter pants. The choice will simply be up to your personal preference. Some people do choose to wear yoga shorts but yoga pants remain the most popular style. You can pick up some stylish yoga pants at Sweaty Betty that will keep you comfy and moving freely.

Sports bra

Even though it’s not a cardio or bouncy class, remember that you’ll want to feel supported up top during yoga just like any other kind of exercise! So pick a sports bra that keeps you supported without feeling suffocated. The most important thing when picking yoga attire is comfort, so make sure that you’re able to breathe fully and deeply in your sports bra.

Top Yoga Apparel Items