Yoga has become very popular in the West over the last few decades, but has been practiced for thousands of years in Asia. It’s an excellent way to keep fit and healthy, and many people see it as a spiritual philosophy and wider way to live too. Whether or not you’ve tried yoga yet, there are many reasons that being a yoga instructor could be the career for you. If you want your job to part of living a healthy life, teaching yoga can help you stay well in both your body and mind. However, you have to be dedicated and willing to devote your life to passing on your knowledge. Follow these steps to go on an enlightening journey and become a yoga teacher.

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Learn Yoga and Choose a Specialism

Before you can teach other people, you need to learn the art of yoga yourself, just like with anything else. Depending on how much time and effort you are willing and able to put in, mastering yoga enough to teach it could take you only a year or two or it could take you much longer. Perhaps you have already been taking yoga classes for a while, and you feel that you have learned enough to start educating others. Remember that even as you train and begin teaching other people, you will continue to learn and will never truly be finished. As you learn, you should try different schools of yoga, and think about which one you enjoy and might offer as a specialism when you start teaching.


Take a Teaching Course

After exploring your passion for yoga and expanding your knowledge, you may soon be ready to take the next step. There are many places you can go to obtain a qualification in yoga instruction, such as Centered Yoga, and you can even take a course online. However, it’s important to find the right place for you. There are a few things you should think about, including what sort of yoga you would like to teach and whether a program will focus on finding work. You might want to try a few different classes to find an instructor who resonates with you.


Employed or Self-employed?

When you qualify, you will need to decide whether to be employed or self-employed. Most instructors go down the self-employment route, either hosting classes in their own space or teaching at a number of facilities. However, you might also find a permanent position at a health center, gym or similar location. It’s important that you think about what being self-employed means because you’ll need business skills, as well as a sound knowledge of yoga and teaching.

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Running a Business

Running a business will be a large part of being an independent yoga teacher. In fact, you might find you spend more time marketing your business and sorting out your finances than teaching. So it’s essential to think about how you’re going to market your business and what services you’ll be offering. If you’re not confident, you could consider taking a course in business skills.

It can be a long journey to becoming a yoga instructor, but for many people it’s the best decision they ever made. If you want to take charge of your career, you should consider setting up your own studio.


The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Yoga Teacher