Are you a gym junkie, exercise nut or fitness freak? Whichever healthy gang you belong to, one thing can be guaranteed this summer – you will be at the cutting edge of fashion.


Yes, not only will you be leading the race to fitness, you’ll be heading up the fashion team with sports clothing that is right on trend. The catwalks have been busy with fashion models strutting their stuff in sportswear that bridges the gap between the gym and beyond. Now, clothes you wear to work out can look just as sharp as those you wear to step out.

Popular sportswear items you are likely to spot in a gymnasium near you include the preppie look, which references a nostalgic flavour – retro tennis skirts, vintage style sneakers and plimsolls, go-faster stripes, gym shorts, racer backs and other classic moods will all be in evidence.

In contrast, we will also see hi-tech fabrics in styles chic enough to be worn outside of the gym. One unmissable trend in sports fashion is compression wear by quality brands such as The sleek silhouettes and smooth contours of this hi-tech new gym staple are backed up by impressive performance enhancement. Tight compression clothing aids blood circulation, helping with the efficient delivery of oxygen to the muscles, and reduces metabolic waste such as lactic acid build up. Runners, cyclists, weightlifters and other athletes aiming to top their personal bests are reaching for compression sportswear to up their game and increase their recovery times. With the twin benefits of keeping you warm and cool, and with antibacterial properties to have you smelling fresh no matter how tough your workout, compression sportswear is winning new converts every day.

Traditionally, the serious athletes who wore compression sports clothing opted for somber black. However, as more people learn of the benefits, new vibrant shades become available. This summer, look out for pinks, vivid blues, and greens – these colorful track outfits look good enough as casual wear and combine well with a pair of ballet pumps or a smock dress. Equally, men can still rock the sporty theme after the gym with a tight compression top teamed with jeans – sure to get you noticed.

A visit to the gym these days takes a certain amount of sartorial planning. With fitness and fashion being stylish bedfellows, a little more thought and effort is required. Gone are the days of shapeless track pants and a baggy vest. Today, you are being checked out while you work out, so tight fitting, muscle-hugging apparel is where it’s at. Male and female celebrities understand the value of a good post-workout photo, so they make sure they look sharp for the paparazzi when they strike a pose. Whether that’s wearing a pair of sleek compression tights or a cropped running vest, they work the sporty look for all it’s worth.

Summer is the ultimate motivation for getting focused on looking your best. Why not hit the gym or running track wearing one of this season’s flexible signature sports styles? It’s guaranteed to turn heads in your direction.

Sporting fashion trends you need for summer