Not every Saturday night needs to be spent on the town, fun as that may be. If you’re in the mood for a relaxing night in, plan accordingly. You can make it a fun, memorable experience and something beyond the ordinary rather than a boring, bog standard affair.


Set aside time for a movie marathon

After a long week at work, you may find yourself craving a media binge of your favorite TV show or movie series. Don’t feel bad if your night in consists of you alone with the television. Cozy up on the couch with a blanket, a bowl of popcorn, and comfortable pair of pajamas, slot a movie into the machine and let your Blu-ray player to do the rest. Whether you spend one night in or an entire weekend enjoying the alone time, unapologetically vegetating out is something we all need from time to time.

Experiment in the kitchen

A night in is the perfect chance to try out those pinned recipes you’ve been collecting on Pinterest. If your family or significant other is going to be part of your big evening, get them on board with a themed dinner. Baking, in particular, can bring people together in the kitchen, so plan on making your own snacks before engaging in the evening’s activities.

Have your favorite drinks on hand

Every memorable night in requires refreshments, so don’t skimp on the drink offerings. Hosting a wine tasting with friends is fun, but wine is also a must-have on those nights you’re spending alone. If you prefer skipping the alcohol, stock up on the drinks that best complement the meal and snacks you’ll be eating that evening.

Make it a game night

Inviting friends over for a game night can save you money on dining out while still being sociable, and you aren’t just limited to video games. Card games, board games and murder mysteries offer a refreshing change from the high-tech gaming that almost everyone is familiar with. Even if you’re only spending the night in with your spouse, buy a new or classic board game for a nice change of pace.

Order takeout

Cooking is relaxing to some but a chore to others. If you’re up for a totally lazy evening, order in some takeout. Pizza or Chinese food delivery is a nice solution for a date night at home. Light some candles and create a camp-like feel in the living room, complete with takeout boxes, some good wine and background music. You won’t forget it.

Whether your night in is all about getting that much needed “me time” or about hosting a group gathering that’s out of the ordinary, considering the essentials is a must if you want to pull off the best stay-at-home experience.




Saturday Night’s Alright (For Relaxing!)
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