It’s no surprise that with your increasingly busy life, finding the time to let your body and mind recharge and recalibrate can often be quite the challenge. To help you take advantage of the time-limited time you are able to set aside for yourself, The Diva Lounge has put together some great ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your diva time.

The Mind of a Diva

Making the tough choices such as what to wear, which makeup style is best suited to the changing weather conditions and which night-spot you and your friends will visit during the upcoming weekend can be quite taxing on a diva’s mind. When you finally get an hour to yourself, yoga can provide the perfect way to take your mind away and focus on your inner-being. One of the top reasons we suggest yoga as an escape for your mind is because of its heavy focus on visualization and breathing techniques. Not only do these provide your mind with the space to relax during a yoga class, its benefits can be felt for days afterwards.

The Body of a Diva

Wearing heels all day long, as glamorous as it is, can take it out of a diva. Something that many women don’t realize is that on top of arching your feet, which puts pressure on your toes, heels activate the muscles and tendons in your ankles, calf muscles, thighs, right up to your glutes. While the end result is a taller stride and a prominent posture, it can leave these muscles in a constant state of tension, leading to pain and headaches. The perfect solution? A massage. Find yourself some deals on a massage in Los Angeles and bring new life to your feet and lower body. If you feel like a bit of extra indulgence, spring for a full body massage for total relaxation.

The Soul of a Diva

Every diva has moments in her life where she can’t explain why, she just feels like something is a little bit off. These are the times where a diva needs something a little more spiritual, but not in the way you’re thinking. If work has been raising your stress levels or you’re just feeling a little unlucky in love, then it’s time for some meditation. And while most people would consider meditation to be sitting in a dark room reflecting on the world, we recommend heading to the gym, finding yourself a free boxing bag, and unleashing your inner stress.

Staying a powerful modern day diva is no easy task, but one that’s well within your grasp. Remember that the world is a big place, but if you can take care of your mind, body and soul then you’re just the diva to take it on.

Relaxation Techniques for the Modern-Day Diva