Chinese New Year is all about welcoming in a new beginning that will hopefully be lucy and prosperous for you. A lot is related to having wealth and good health in the New Year, to ensure that this happens people follow some very strict traditions to better their chances of as much luck as possible. If you want to get a look at what Chinese New Year looks like then click here to watch a great video. If you find yourself in China, Hong Kong or even with a Chinese person at New Year then remember to say Gung Hay Fat Choy! Which is the traditional line you say to wish people a happy new year and to wish them luck for the future.

It is such a fantastic festival and it is celebrated throughout the world, unlike our traditional New Year celebrations Chinese New Year never lets you down or is an anti climax, I have always had such an amazing time celebrating it! Here are 2 really cool facts that you may or may not know about the great festival that is Chinese New Year. You wouldn’t think that animals could have such a meaningful part of New Year’s celebrations, but in Chinese culture the animals represent so much about each particular year and also the individuals that were born during that time.

– 2014 is the year of the Horse. Each year is represented by a different animal. Each person is represented by an animal, it depends on what you you were born. To check out which animal represents you and to find out some other exciting information, enter you date of birth below and you will be amazed with what you find out!

The Thomas Cook Chinese New Year Horoscope Finder

-Folklore has it that way back when, Buddha announced to all of the animals that he wanted them to gather and meet him on New Year’s Eve. Only twelve animals came to meet the big man, so in return he named a year after each of the animals that came to meet him . It is believed that depending on which year you are born in, the particular animal that is relevant to that year will have some similar character traits to you – don’t worry, the similar traits are usually very positive indeed!

Really Great Facts About Chinese New Year and Animals
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