When it gets cold outside it is important that inside is a sanctuary of warmth and coziness. This is why when winter hits it is important that we put a littlest of effort in at home to create the best warm winter haven that we can, the perfect place to stay toasty whilst enjoying all that winter gives us. This is not to say that you need to go remodeling rooms in the home in order to give it a winter makeover, but some small touches and additions can really go a long way. In order to give your home that welcoming winter feel, here are some ideas which you may wish to incorporate into the rooms in your home.



Candles set the perfect mood for a winter’s evening and if you get the right set up, you can really create a lovely feel to your home. To take things even further why not think about using candle lanterns in the home which not only give you that beautiful, flickering candlelight, but also give off a traditional and rustic look about them.


Whether you have an open fire or one which is powered by gas or electric, having a cozy and welcoming rug in front of it can enhance the whole image. Throughout the winter is when we really want our houses to have that homely feel about them and with a thick and soft rug sat in front of the fireplace, this is exactly what you will be able to achieve.

Twigs and Berries

Aside from the cold there is so much of winter to enjoy and for the ultimate winter hideaway why not look to bring the outside, inside? You can achieve this very simply with some dried twigs and branches and some faux berries littered around them. For that extra wintery look you could also paint the branches white.

Colored Cushions and Throws

Something else which can really help to create the homely winter environment is to use items such as throws and cushion covers to change the overall look of living areas in the home. We often think about Earth colors bets representing the seasons which is why this winter you could think about adding some dark browns and oranges to offer that more sombre style that we find in the winter months. In doing this you can not only create a wintery environment in the home but you can also do so rather inexpensively.


Finally you should consider using lamps far more than the main light in your rooms, to give the feeling of those nights drawing in, and everything being much more quiet. When we get the main light on it gives energy and a loud feeling to the room, which isn’t something that we normally associate with winter. If you are short then look for some small lamps which you can dot around the home,  to keep the theme of low lighting.


Quirky Winter Ideas For Your Home