That time of year is upon us once again, the time of year that leaves many of us stressed, confused and broke, but one which usually gives us plenty to smile about. That’s right, Christmas is just 5 weeks away and that means that now is the time to start getting the shopping done for people’s gifts. Each year I make 2 lists of people for whom I need to buy gifts, the first list is what I will buy for all of my friends and family and the second list is in order to remind of the people that I shouldn’t forget, usually people outside of the family. I don’t go too crazy when buying gifts for these people but it is always nice to let people know that you are thinking about them, especially at this time of year. Let’s take a look then at who you mustn’t forget when getting your Christmas gifts.



I’ve always thought that it is a great idea to show some appreciation at this time of year to the teachers of my 3 children. When it comes to teacher’s gifts there is lots of options to chose from and I usually like to keep it simple with a box of chocolates or even some exciting coffee products, we all know how much teachers love their coffee! For me this is just about a token gesture which reminds the teacher that you appreciate them.


If your postman or postwoman is anything like mine then you will know only too well the lengths that they will go thin order for you to receive your letters. These men and women have tough jobs which start early and then require them to work through all temperatures in order to make their deliveries. In this situation I usually like to give a cash gift.


Just because they may not entirely understand what is going on, this is no reason to freeze your pets out of Christmas. Instead make sure that they have something to open on the big day too, perhaps a new toy, a new coat or even a new bed! Pets understand what a new item is and when they see everyone else with new stuff, they will of course want theirs too, so you mustn’t forget them.


If your neighbors are more acquaintances than friends it is important that you don’t forget them when Christmas time rolls around. Whilst it is a very nice gesture to get your neighbors a small gift, it is also about keeping things cordial between you. Our neighbors are not just the people who live close, they are also the people who act as security for us, and who we can count on to help us out of a jam. A small, thoughtful gift can go a long way with your neighbors, so don’t forget them.

Get your main gifts first, and then go to list two in order to pick up the smaller gifts.

Who Not to Forget on Your Christmas List