Christening gifts can be quite tricky to get right and if you need to get one for an upcoming christening then you will no doubt be a little lost as to what to buy. Unlike most other gifts you know that the baby wont realize what is going on, nor what you have bought them, and in all likelihood they wont get any use out of the gift, at least not yet. I have always been of the opinion that a Christening gift should be something memorable, something personal or something which the child can benefit from in later years, if you can achieve all three then that is the perfect gift indeed. If you are stuck, have a look at some of these options.  




The Christening, despite how social norms have changed, is about bringing the child into the Church family and so a Bible would be a lovely idea for a gift. The Bible is filed with teachings and life lessons that the baby can use throughout their journey and the book will be something which they will go back to time and time again. Invest in a good quality Bible and whatever you do, be sure to leave an inscription on the inside so that they will remember who it came from.  




Keepsake jewellery is often a popular gift for a Christening and something which I have always felt to be a nice gift is a pendant. A bracelet is tough to buy because the child will grow out of it, rings and earrings arent appropriate and so a perfect idea is a necklace pendant. Remember that the chain can be easily replaced as they age so focus on getting a nice pendant which can be transferred. I usually opt for a St. Christopher pendant as he is the patron saint of travelers, given that life is a journey I have always liked the idea that they are looked by St. Christopher.  


Good Quality Teddy 


We know that kids will have numerous cuddly toys throughout their life and there is no telling which will be their favorite and which will be tossed away at will. A great idea which I have used a couple of times now is to buy a good quality teddy bear which will not be used so much as a toy, but rather as a keepsake and a memento. I often use the company Steiff who make beautiful bears and they are packaged in a presentation box which means that they wont be mixed up with their other toys. These bears hold their value and can even be with quite a lot of money in the future.  


Starter Kit  


Another nice idea for a gift is the little starter kits which you can buy that feature an egg-cup, a small mug, a bowl and a plate. These are very well made and they will be something which are both used now, and kept for the future. I still have my egg-cup and mug from when I was younger and I have always believed it to be a lovely gift to buy.  


Take your time with the gift and check with the parents to make sure that someone hasnt already bought what you were planning to.  

Ideas for Gifts For A Christening