With the speed in which fashion keeps moving forward, it just isn’t viable for an everyday fashionista to keep shopping boutique. If this sounds like you but you aren’t quite ready to give up the boutique fashion look, here are some tips to dressing boutique on a department store budget.



Dressing in layers is going to be your first step into cutting the cost of your wardrobe spending while still looking fashionable. Instead of buying all layers from a boutique store, get your base clothes (the items that nobody really sees) from a local department or outlet store, then your outer layers from your favorite boutique. While you may not be completely dressed in boutique clothing, you will certainly give the appearance, and people will never know what’s underneath.


Shop Around

There’s no doubt that your local boutique or fashion house will have the latest clothes at top dollar prices, however, this isn’t the only place to get them. Just because you don’t get a shiny shopping bag to walk around with doesn’t mean that you can’t get the items. Take advantage of numerous Groupon coupons for stores that sell the exact same high-quality piece of fashion at heavily reduced prices and just have them shipped to your door. A small reduction in your shopping image can lead to a big boost in your actual fashion image (and wardrobe).


Pick Your Pieces

If you’re wearing a gorgeous designer watch or a beautiful boutique scarf then people are unlikely to doubt the quality of your regular clothing items. If you’re feeling a little drab before you head out, dress up a regular store bought outfit with a few ‘flash pieces’ from known brands. If somebody sees you walking down the street in a pair of track-pants and comfortable jacket with a high-quality designer watch or scarf, they’re likely to think the rest of your outfit is also a designer brand, and on point.


When it comes to dressing boutique without spending the money, these are just some of the ways that can help. Before you impulse buy your next item, take the thought home with you and see how and where else you may be able to get the same look without the same price tag.

How to Look Boutique on a Department Store Budget