This February, the Winter Olympics have taken the world by storm, captivating audiences with their exciting competition and sense of global spirit. From alpine skiing to curling, figure skating and hockey, the Olympics showcased some of the world’s top athletes and joined the nations for two wonderful weeks. And viewers from the world over have tuned in to watch the nations compete in ice hockey, ski jumping, figure skating and many other winter sports. But with the closing ceremony of the Olympics can come a sense of the “winter blues”, as people try to find something to fill the space where the Olympics have been for these past two weeks.

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Luckily, there’s a new app to combat this sense of the winter blues! What if you could work remotely, from anywhere, and enjoy your favorite winter sports when you finish? Imagine putting in a day’s work at your remote job, then shutting down in time to hit the slopes for the afternoon. This doesn’t have to be just a dream! This app will help you create the life you want, by moving your remote work life to the places you want to be.

When you head over to, you can search local ski and skate locations to find remote working spaces perfect for your productive day. And after you finish, you’re all set to enjoy your favorite winter sports. And users can add locations they know to be excellent spots for sports and remote working. So you can reap the benefits of an entire community of winter sport lovers and remote workers, all with the same goal of maxing out their work-life balance. And you might just discover a favorite new resort or slope! So don’t say goodbye to the magic of the Winter Olympics after the closing ceremony has finished. Check out this great new app and enjoy the thrill of the winter sport season as long as there’s chill in the air.

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