Mean Girls was a movie which came out in 2004 to rave reviews, featuring Lindsay Lohan as the lead character in Tina Fey’s tale of social status and a teenage girl trying to fit into the world. The movie found great success and in 2017 it was turned into a Broadway spectacle by Jeff Richmond and Neil Benjamin. Since it began its run in 2017 the stage show has received rave reviews and it is currently one of the most popular shows on Broadway. If you loved the movie or you want to see a musical which is entertaining and full of surprises then this is the show which you need to get to. Let’s have a look at what you can expect from seeing Mean Girls on Broadway, and see what information you need before you go.



You can find the show at the August Wilson theater playing 7 days per week with a matinee performance on Saturday afternoon. Tickets currently start at just $49.50 although you may be able to find some slightly lower prices online.


The story tells the tale of Cady Heron who is 16 years old and schooled at home who has just returned home from a spell in Africa where her zoologist parents were carrying out research. Cady begins public school shortly after her return and she begins to be educated on the various social cliques and groups which exist within the school, with the help of her 2 new best friends. After becoming friendly with one of the high-ranking cliques her new ‘friend’ Janis devises a plan to bring them down, using Cady as the infiltrator.

The Burn Book is a book of one of the girls which contains secrets, stories and revelations which could destroy the social standing of many girls at school and Janis  manages to get her hands on it. Meanwhile there is a love interest which begins to bloom as Cady falls for Regina’s ex-boyfriend, the Queen of one of the groups within the school. Regina and her partner get back together and this is when Cady begins to work with Janis to bring her down.


This story lends itself perfectly to a musical and there are some outstanding songs throughout the show which feature large numbers of the cast. With over 30 musical numbers throughout the 2 and a half hour show, audiences have plenty of opportunities to get up and dance and sing along with the cast. The music is incredibly well written and very much helps to move the story forward.

What to Expect 

This is a show which will really take you through the emotions of teenage angst and it also works perfectly to discuss important themes which affect us all. The show will have you laughing and dancing one minute, and then deep in suspense the next as we watch this unassuming young girl change in emotion and character as the story progresses, a great show which most certainly does not disappoint.

If you are looking at catching a show on Broadway then look no further than Mean Girls.



What to Expect When You See Mean Girls on Broadway