Have you ever wondered how some people are able to create the perfect ambiance in their living room? When you go to some homes, you just automatically feel so cozy and welcome, like they have spent hours preparing their space to make you feel right at home. Well guess what: you don’t need to spend hours or spend a ton of money on a decorator to achieve the same effect. You can create the perfect ambiance by strategically using lighting in your living room, and here’s how:

Use dimmers

The first rule about lighting is that you want a different type of lighting for different times of day, and atmospheres that you want to create. For example, you wouldn’t want harsh bright lighting at the end of your day when you’re trying to relax and wind down for bed. So put your lights on a dimmer switch so you can adjust the amount of light in your living room to match the mood and time of day.

Candles create a warm atmosphere

If you’re looking for the simplest and best way to create an inviting and even romantic atmosphere in your living room, candles are the way to do it. You can choose from a huge variety of sizes, colors and even scents to add a great vibe to your room. Candles can replace electric lights to create an environment which feels far cozier and homier than if you were just using electric lights.

Take advantage of natural lighting

If you have the advantage of good natural light in your living room, then embrace this and make your windows a focal point. Especially during the high part of the day, natural light will add a cheerful and energizing atmosphere to your room. You can use window treatments like beautiful curtains to enhance the natural light.


One of the best ways to give a space more light is to decrease the amount of clutter that’s taking away from the light. Even if you aren’t blessed with large windows to let in the sunlight, your space will feel more light and airy if it isn’t filled with lots of random clutter. This way you won’t have to use so much extra electricity to light the space. And of course if you decide not to go down the candle route you can still create a great aroma by using reed diffusers

How to Effectively Light Your Living Room