Are you heading to New Zealand for your next holiday? If you are then you need to seriously condor hiring a camper van so that you have the best possible time in this mesmeric country. It is so vast, so beautiful and so picturesque that I think you really do need a camper van to be able to travel around and explore it at your own pace. An increasing number people of people of are choosing campervans as a way to get around, it’s the best way to keep to a budget and have ultimate freedom on your holiday. Here are some essential tips that you must consider before hoping behind the wheel.

Don’t forget your license

Yes, I know that you will bring your license but how many times have we all forgotten the most important documents when we are going away? So make sure it’s in your bag. You also need to make sure that it is still valid, if you are from a country where the license is not in English you will need to get an official translation of it and bring it with you.

Stick to the left

In New Zealand everyone drives on the left hand side of the road, if you are used to driving on the right then mentally prepare yourself. I know it seems simple, but if you have been driving on the right hand side of the road for most of your life then it can be difficult to adjust.

Check your speed

Always obey the speed limit, nothing ruins a day of your holiday than getting a speeding ticket. In durban areas of New Zealand the speed limit is 50 kilometres an hour, when you are driving on the open road the speed limit is 100 kilometres per hour. You also need to remember that the distance displayed on road sign will be given to you in kilometres and not in miles. I love this because it means I think everything isn’t too far.

Take a break

You will be driving large amounts of miles at a time so you will probably feel tired at some point a long your journey. Don’t take any chances, if you are feeling tired either pass the driving over to someone else or stop and take a rest. You will be driving a camper van which is more challenging than a car so you need to be 100% whenever you are behind the wheel. It’s a good idea to take a break every two hours, even if it’s just to stretch your legs it will benefit you.

Purchase travel insurance

You should always check what insurance is included with your hire, but I think it is always a good idea to buy some extra insurance. It really is better to be safer than sorry! Your campervan rental company will always be able to advise you on the best insurance and what to do, the companies are extremely helpful.

Driving tips for New Zealand
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