When us divas get the chance to attend a swanky dinner party, the last thing we want to do is mess things up. If you are unsure of dinner party etiquette, you might be a little afraid of the situation. As the saying goes, good manners cost nothing. On the other side of the coin, bad manners could cost you friendships and respect. Follow these dinner party rules so that you always get things right.


Arrive ten minutes before the start time

When someone invites you to dinner, they expect you to be on time for the event. Turning up right before they serve the food is not acceptable. Instead, get there ten minutes before they ask you to do so. That way, you are ready to deal with anything that comes your way. When you get there, remember to thank the hostess for the invitation. You might also want to bring a gift, such as a bottle of wine for her as well.


Let the hostess dictate the conversation

Since she invited everyone to come together, it is only polite that you let your hostess dictate the conversation. Sometimes, people have a habit of talking a lot when they get nervous. That is natural, but you should try to curb it where you can. Let your hostess speak first and follow her lead.


Avoid using cutlery to gesture at people

When you are in the midst of eating, you might also want to chat with the people around you. Don’t start pointing at things with your knife or fork. You might think that you would never make this obvious faux pas, but people do it without even realizing it so take care. If you notice that you are using your cutlery as pointing sticks – stop it.


Lay the napkin out on your lap

Usually, when you sit down at a table, there will be some dining napkins for you to use. You ought to lay the napkin out on your lap so that you are clean and tidy throughout the meal. Sometimes, people forget this simple thing because they are too busy talking to one another. Take the time to remember your manners and it will mean the world to your hostess, who has gone to a lot of trouble for everyone.

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Remember to be courteous

When your hostess offers you food or wine, remember to be courteous. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when you get things so that people know you are a polite person. The truth is that people are unlikely to notice when you use these words, but they will notice if you don’t. If you are the only diva at the dinner party who doesn’t say ‘thank you’, that will leave a lasting impression on people’s minds. Even if you are best friends with the hostess, it is nice to show a little common courtesy so that she knows you care.


Never talk with your mouth full

Lastly, this is a point that you can never forget. You have to make sure that you always finish your food before you start talking to people. There is nothing more disgusting than seeing people’s chewed up food in their mouth. You wouldn’t want to see that so don’t force the other guests to see it either. Finish chewing your food and swallow before you chat to anyone at the table.

Dinner parties tend to be formal events, and so you need to act in a polite and friendly way. If you want everybody to enjoy the party, you have to show them that you can behave in a polite way. If you follow these tips, you will be sure to get an invite to the next big event!


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Dinner Party Etiquette Tips Every Diva Should Know