Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up on a Monday morning and stroll over to your walk in wardrobe, push the doors open and see all of your clothes in front of you?  They are all laid out perfectly, giving the inspiration you need to look a million dollars before you leave the house.  The reality for most of us is that we are hunting around through cluttered shelves trying to find the top we need or throwing shoes everywhere to find the ones that will match our outfit.  This stressful way of dressing ourselves really doesn’t need to be the norm, ladies; with a walk in wardrobe you can transform your life and make Monday morning a lot less stressful!


Every fashion lover needs her own walk in wardrobe; it’s her own little place where everything from dresses to shoes are on display and can be easily selected for the day ahead.  Adding a walk in wardrobe to your home not only makes getting ready easy; it also has the added benefit of adding value to your home.

Here are some top design tips for the walk in wardrobe you’ve always dreamt about:

Add doors or shutters

If you really want your walk in wardrobe to feel like it’s a private sanctuary then you need to have doors or shutters to close it off from the rest of the room.  They will not only separate the wardrobe from the rest of the room, they will also be a superb design feature.  Popular shutters to use right now are plantation shutters; they are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to the bedroom.

Use the height of the room

Often you will struggle for floor space when designing your walk in wardrobe.  The easy solution is to look up and see how much space you have available up there.  Add a few extra shelving compartments and you will have so much more space.  If you can’t reach, that is not a problem at all because you just need to buy a simple step that will allow you to access your clothes.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

A mirror is essential as when we are getting ready we need to check ourselves out from every angle.  Find a good space in the room to place your mirror – put it in a location where it is easy to access and is in full view.  If it is in full view it will make your wardrobe seem a lot bigger than it actually is.

The shoes

Shoes are the single most important aspect of any ladies outfit – I’m sure we can all agree to that!  I’m sure we can also agree that we have way more pairs than we actually need.  When designing your wardrobe, make sure there is enough space for the shoes.  The space should be at the correct height and also have a little slant to it that allows for easy viewing and access.

Creating the ultimate walk in wardrobe for the diva in you
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