Many years ago Botox was considered as a crazy treatment used by celebrities which often offered up some wildly varied results. Over the years however things have changed greatly and this is now a very accessible and reasonably priced treatment which can dramatically improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your face. When I first decided to take action I wanted to go to a reputable clinic and when it comes to Botox Cornwall has a number of excellent clinicians who offer the service. I was immensely happy with the results of my treatment and so I wanted to break down what it looks like, should you decided to have a treatment such as this.  




The first thing to mention is that the Botox treatment is very quick indeed and when you first sit down with the clinician you will simply discuss which areas of your face you would like to address. The surgeon or doctor will also offer some advice around where they think the best places to attack are. If this is your first time then you will probably be offered a low amount of Botox, around 30mg which will then be administered into different areas of your face.  




The injections themselves can be quite uncomfortable, especially around the eyes and so you should be prepared for this. The injections however are very quick and in all likelihood you will receive around 9 injections in the affected areas. They feel like a deep scratch on your face, much like when you have an injection in your gums to numb the area.  




Once the injections have been administered you will need to perform some facial exercises which will help to move the Botox around the affected area. These are very simple and you simply need to alternate between facial expressions such as a wide smile, looking surprised, and looking angry. The more that you perform these exercises in the hours after your injections, the better spread out the Botox will be and the impact which it has will be increased.  


Taking Effect  


Contrary to what I believed Botox doesnt make its mark right away and in some cases it may be a week before you see the results. In the first few days after your treatment dont expect to see dramatic results, it will take time.  




If you look after your skin following your treatment then you should be able to see the effects of this treatment for around 6 months. Remember that after a lot of treatments your body can become accustomed to the Botox which means that you wont see the same results which you saw the first time. With this in mind it is worth your while not getting injected every 6 months, but using this as a treatment as and when you may need it.  


There is nothing to be afraid of and the only thing which you must ensure is that the Botox which will be administered is in date and unopened.  

Your Botox Experience Broken Down