If your working life has come to an end and you feel that it is time to move to pastures new in order to enjoy your retirement then the UK is somewhere which has plenty to offer retirees. Selecting the right place isnt easy however as there are so many locations which you could consider.  Most retirees are looking for a slower pace of life, plenty of activities to get involved in, nature on hand and a good community of like-minded people, if this is what you are after, here are some of the best British locations for you to consider.  




Cornwall is a very attractive prospect to anyone who is retiring and there is plenty down here which the older generation can fall in love with. This coastal county offers plenty of quiet natural settings where you can take long walks, watch the sunset over the English Channel and enjoy the relaxed and laid-back lifestyle which is on offer down here. There are plenty houses for sale in Cornwall which suit the older generation, with plenty of bungalows and houses which are very reasonably priced in todays market. Something which retirees love about Cornwall is the warmer temperatures and the thriving community of older men and women, looking for a slower pace of life.  


Lake District  


 Retiring doesnt mean that it is time to count down your days, on the contrary in fact and many people who retire want to invest some of their years in adventure and exercise. This makes the Lake District towns and villages a great option for anyone who wants to get away from it all. The Lakes offers plenty of activities from hiking to bike rides and there is a real sense of community throughout the villages in this area. The air is clean, the views are beautiful and the pace of life is certainly slow. There is a high amount of over-60s living in this corner of the world too, which means plenty of people to make friends with and enjoy the company of.  




For those who dont want to completely leave the city but still want to slow things down a little, Edinburgh makes for the perfect place to move to after your working life is over. Whilst you can enjoy all of the trappings of a city here in Edinburgh, you will also be living very close to nature and in a city which is nowhere near as chaotic as some. Not only is Edinburgh beautiful but it is also rich in history and one can indulge in a wide range of activities of discovery. Better still Edinburgh is a very well connected city with excellent rail links and an international airport, perfect for all of those travel plans which you undoubtedly have.  


Where will be your destination when the time comes to retire? Let us know in the comments section below this post, wed love to hear from you.  

Best Places in the UK to Retire To