Picking the perfect subject to shoot in photography is a skill that is truly underestimated. This is the skill of many photographers that separates them from the rest of the pack and is a skill that you should learn too. It doesn’t matter if you are a wedding photographer in Sussex or an amateur, finding the perfect subject can really add to any here are some quick tips for picking the perfect subject.

Check the weather

The weather is an important factor in finding the perfect subjects for your photos. For example, a subject you may think to be boring on a normal day can be transformed into something spectacular on a day with stunning weather. A great example of this could be a red sun or even a foggy day that adds that mystery to a photo. Keeping an eye on the weather is a great way to find the perfect subject.

Take photos you are interested in

Taking photos of things that you are actually interested in the best way to find the perfect subject for your photos. By taking photos of things that interest you, there is always going to be a chance to take the perfect picture. Naturally you will be more likely to take many more photos or sheer enjoyment and surely one will come out as you hope, photography is also a numbers game as well as a skill game.

Find an alternative angle

Taking photos is as much about angle as the subject matter itself and it is perfect to explore angles to take photos from. Perhaps you wanted to take a picture of a lake, but the most accessible viewpoint was only from the shore. Working hard and doing things like going into hard to reach places can really pay off. So the next time you see something you like, why not walk through that forest to get the perfect snap of it

Take pictures of things you are experienced in

This builds upon the principle of the last paragraph and is a great way to find the best subject matter. Of course when you have more experience you can easily predict certain factors and how things behave. A great example of this is surfing, for example you can understand how waves work and the wind and other factors that affect the photo. By taking pictures of things that you know you are much more likely to get a better shot.

Look for unphotographed objects

Doing your research and finding unique things that are not often photographed can be the perfect way to find the perfect subject matter. We already talked about working hard and exploring for better subject matter using angles, but the same is true for places that aren’t so easy to reach. Perhaps if you climb a hill or mountain you will see something unique along the way.

5 Tips For Picking Your Perfect Photography Subject
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