We all love great art, whether it is a painting, a picture or some piece of material. If you are like me then you will know the second you see a piece of art whether you love it or not, if I fall instantly in love with something then I really must have it. I must have it if the price is ok, that’s a given! I know I won’t be able to walk in to an art gallery, not look at the price tag and tell them to deliver to my home as soon as possible. The art I am talking about is a quirky poster or a painting that costs a few pounds, the easy part is choosing what to buy and the hardest part that we all have trouble with is how best to hang it on our walls. If we love the art that we buy we want to make sure that it looks as good as it possibly can when it is on our wall. We want to enjoy it and we also want others to get the full value of it when they come to over for a cup of tea or dinner. Some people go as far as not hanging up the art because they can’t decide how they should do it. There are a number of things to consider; what is the best colour for the frame? How high should it go on the wall? The questions we ask ourselves are endless, but we must remember not to keep it in the tube and put it in a cupboard to forget about. Here are some great tips for people that are thinking about hanging art work.

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Don’t over complicate things

One of the best rules I have bee taught in my life is K.I.S.S, that means, Keep It Simple Silly! It is so true when it comes to hanging paintings, don’t make things more difficult than they should be, keep it simple. You should try to go with the most simple colours, choose versatile colours such as white or black. If you have white or black frames then they are definitely going to match your room.

Make sure it looks you in the eye

Wondering what height to hang your painting? Well, my best advice would be to copy the experts. Nearly all art galleries will always hang their art at eye level. I know everyone is a different height, so they choose to go with the average person’s eye level which is around the 58 inches mark. If you stick to this then you will be well on track to hanging your art where everyone can enjoy it.

Grid lock is the best way

We hate grid lock on the road, but it’s ok to go for the grid with your paintings. If you have a lot of art then the best way to present it and not make it look too cluttered is to hang it in a grid, even though all of the art is together people will still be able to focus on each individual piece. You will need to make a drawing before you start to hang the pictures, but with a few simple sums and scribbles on the paper your art work will look great – keep paintings around 2 inches apart.

3 Great ways to hang your art like a pro
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